Enter Maelstrom Galaxy

In the Maelstrom galaxy, three mighty factions struggle for supremacy of a battle torn universe. Some fight for peace, others for glory and conquest, and others still seek only profit, power and chaos. But they will all come to realize that the all-powerful forces of the Imperium wait on their borders, ready to reclaim what is theirs. The battle lines have been drawn. Will your faction prevail or fall victim to the Imperium?



Imperium Galactic War

Imperium: Galactic War is a PVP centric MMOSG for players who wish to take part in a competitive gameplay experience. The game premise is simple; players create a character, upgrade a starbase and attack and defend against other players and computer generated opponents that enter their sector. Players progress by improving their starbase, gaining resources by attacking NPCs and other enemy players. As players gain in power, enemy players look to slow or halt their progress for the sake of their own factions.

IGW Review by MMO Attack


New Owners, Original Vision

On March 31st Imperium has been acquired by Vavel from AfterShock (Former Kabam). An important note to make is the fact that Vavel’s CEO John Balestrieri had been the Tech Director on the project. Our goal is to rejuvenate the title, bring it back to the players who loved it and keep on improving the game for years to come. We are putting together the infrastructure to host the game now and we plan to rerelease IGW back to the world shortly.