We build awesome! Vavel’s executive team has worked at some of the largest gaming companies in the world. Join the fun, enjoy the awesome!


We build fast, we build to entertain, but we are always building to ship. We have extensive experience in developing original products and shipping them under tight deadlines. We know what it takes to find the fun, refine it into something incredible, and get it to our fans on-time.

“We get it done.”


We step away from the oversaturated mainstream genres and build niches of our own. We utilize proven solutions on new products to delight and enthrall untouched audiences.

While our competitors fight for audience scraps left by major companies, we build our own loyal fanbase from the many underserved niches.



When it comes to the creative industry, the best products are created by the best talent. With decades of hiring and hands-on team management experience, we know how to recognize true doers and how to build an environment that enables them to excel.

Work with us!


John Balestrieri

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

John Balestrieri has over twenty years of Technology Management, Gaming, Advertising and Entertainment Experience. John was the former Worldwide CTO of Ogilvy, one of the largest and most prestigious advertising agencies in the world. He has worked as both the COO & CTO for a number of technology companies. Best known for his work on Kasparov vs. Deep Blue, he architected and oversaw the development of a full MMORTS Game at Kabam and has worked on a number of mobile game titles that have hit #1 on the US charts generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. He is currently an active board member of two publicly traded companies as well as an advisor to a number of international gaming and media companies around the globe.

Mikolaj Marcisz

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Mikołaj is a Game Designer, Producer, Creative Director. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Film Video Game Development Course. Currently co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Vavel Game Studios and an advisor to a number of gaming companies. His area of expertise includes pitching, creative direction, game design, UX design, bizdev.

Maciek Miąsik


Maciek has been leading the Polish industry since 1991. He led development on The Witcher, one of the top grossing European Game Franchises. His 1992 game Electro Body was the first globally published title by EA developed in Central Europe. He has deep knowledge of all aspects of game development, including programming, design, production, and management. Maciek assembled the curriculum for the first game-dev university courses in Poland and he actively teaches game development classes in multiple gamedev schools and colleges.


Adrian Gasiński

Tech Director, Vavel Warsaw

An Ex-Googler, Adrian is one of the top software engineers. Over the past decade he has been prototyping, architecting and coding some of the most complex, math-heavy software solutions for innovative technology giants such as Google, Havok, and Leap Motion. His efforts helped power Havok, the most sophisticated game physics engine, as well as Google Cloud Solutions. He oversees all technology in our Warsaw Studio.


Advisory Board


Kenneth Sprang

Legal Counsel


David Lacki

Legal Counsel




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